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EDIT Nº010

released Febuary 18, 2021

creative direction &

photography: Nicole Marie Franco



hey stranger! how are you? can you believe its already the middle of february? somehow january was the longest month and yet february seems to be moving at the speed of light. 

well here we are almost one year into "2 weeks to slow the spread". while the past year has been quite tumultuous its also been a year of lessons, albeit tough but necessary lessons. i can confidently say i am not the same person i was at the start of lockdowns. my introvert self has not minded these self isolation practices - in a way its given me permission to slow down, reevaluate, rediscover and come home to myself. 

i've always been someone who has cared about my environment, not necessarily in a boujie way (although my bank account would disagree), more of a vibrational/frequency way. up until this year i never realized how much the energy of a room affected me and why i often feel uncomfortable in certain situations or environments. i always just assumed my social anxiety was just something i would eventually have to force myself to overcome but now i see it as a sort of internal warning - my body telling me i'm on energy overload. i finally understood why me as a person always needed a peaceful environment to come home to - one that i created, curated, and that emitted me at a soul level.

so that's what i've done this past year - i've learned about me and how i operate energetically, creatively, spiritually, why/how i instictively feel the need to not only curate, but create a peaceful environment in my own physical home. and i want to help you do that too. whether you start with a candle, pillow, or a set of wine glasses, slowly but surely curating your space according to YOU creates such a high vibration within your home. you'll start to feel its radiating effects everytime you walk in the door. 

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