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COAT 005.jpg

EDIT Nº013

released June 7, 2021

creative direction

& styling: Nicole Marie Franco

model: Angela Zhang

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PANT 008.jpg
TOP 024.jpg
TOP 022.jpg
DRESS 016.jpg


wake up Neo... (1).gif

congratulations! you've broken out of the Matrix. you've learned to use the power you have within to create your own reality and destiny. a power you have always had you were just conditioned to believe otherwise. and if you haven't realized this about yourself yet, maybe this is the start...

one of my goals with sélect. has always been to empower people to not be afraid to curate a life that is tailored to THEIR personal tastes, not just those that are spoon fed to us via social media and other corporate marketing tactics. for some this is easier said than done for it requires each person to be 100% honest with themselves to figure out who they really are - and that can be a bit scary. the system has molded us into these seemingly powerless beings in a perpetual cycle that fuels the very said system that makes us feel helpless. its not until you get off the hamster wheel do you realize what has been hidden from you all along. 

you know that part in the end of the Matrix when Neo looks to have been killed while fighting the three agents but then comes back to life and realizes that all along he's had the power to literally ressurect back to life and fight back it just took him being pretty much murdered to realize it? its kinda like that. life (typically) kicks your ass for you to one day you wake up and finally realize "oh shit, i'm actually in charge here. no one saves me except me." THAT my friends is the moment you break out of the Matrix. the system no longer has any hold on you and its system failure.

of course this whole process is way more complicated than i can explain in one email. and its completely different for each person as we are all living unique lives. but the general idea is the same - every. single. human. has the power to create their own reality and take charge of their destiny, its just waking up to understand this. in the words of henry ford, "whether you think you can or can't, you are right."

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