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EDIT Nº020

released November 23, 2022

creative direction & styling: Nicole Marie Franco



hi, hello, it's been a minute.


apologies for the very long delay. the past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. tbh i've been trying to get this edit curated and shot for quite some time now and it just wasn't coming together. i couldn't find the right pieces, i didn't know which direction i wanted it to go (creatively speaking), so i just kinda gave up on it. life has a funny way of letting things fall into place as soon as you stop grasping so tightly.


after mulling over the creative concept of this edit all i could come up with was "untitled". the weird, and often uncomfortable, in between stages of life where you have no idea whats change is coming but you feel it in the ethers. one chapter has ended but you're still unsure of what to write for the next one. so you keep on going, fighting through the frustration with no certain direction, hoping that you'll receive the clarity and inspiration to write that next chapter. but until then living in the untitled stage will just have to do.

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