adj. carefully chosen as being the best or most valuable.


sélect. is a vintage and second hand concept store that blends together the art of fashion and style with sustainability and slow fashion. in an industry that seems to be moving at the speed of light, we want to slow things down - to get back to the roots of a sense of self, creativity, and uniqueness that is not dictated by industry trends or marketing. our goal is to select and curate vintage and second hand items that are timeless and season-less. we hope that these pieces we find make it to their forever homes and we start to change the way the fashion industry operates.


how it works:

we like to do things a bit different here at sélect. we don't run like a typical vintage store. we like to change things up, tap into our creativity, and curate collections that tell a story.

new edits typically drop once a month. each edit is curated and photographed in a unique way each time, creating a one of a kind story for every edit. customers must be subscribed to the sélect. email list in order to shop the edit. subscribers on the list will receive an email with the backstory to each edit, current happenings, a free shipping code, and of course, the password to shop the edit.